Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sweet Summer Love Clematis, My New Favorite

As a landscape designer it is difficult to name my favorite plant, but I do have a current favorite, 'Sweet Summer Love' clematis.
I grew 'Sweet Autumn' clematis back in Northern California and loved how it completely covered a patio wall there, I wanted to try again here in the High Desert and couldn't resist to try this colorful variety!

It is a Proven Winner and a repeat bloomer of cranberry/purple fragrant flowers - what's not to love!

I generally stick to what is available in our local nurseries since our climate is tricky and my clients want dependable plants, but this one I ordered through Harmony Farms in Tumalo for a client (and one for me of course!) to add some color to her patio.

The fragrance is like soft vanilla and the small flowers are beautiful little violet beauties, I can't wait to see how it does in Central Oregon. If it over winters well then look out for it next year I will be ordering lots more!