Monday, April 28, 2014

Outdoor Shade Options

After weeks of cold weather we now have a forecast of hot and sunny days, yahoo!

As much as I want to bask in the sun I know it can be too much and shade is a requirement for our Central Oregon summers.  Take a look at some of these nifty options, stylish and functional products to help you get your shade on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun with Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

I have the most wonderful client and project right now on the outskirts of Bend.  It is a large property and we will be creating an 'Central Oregon English Estate'.  It presents more challenges than normal here in Central Oregon (which comes with lots of challenges!) but I get have so much fun and be creative in creating the most wonderful spaces throughout the property.

One idea I have for one large bed is to have a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar trained to grow up and along a frame, parallel to the ground, with it's blue tendrils having down to tickle the plants below. 

I would have it in the middle of the bed, maybe even trim it to frame the view of the swimming pond beyond...

Isn't this gorgeous!!!!

You can so many creative things with Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, the only limit is your imagination...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools? Just Spring in Central Oregon

I awoke this morning to a vision of winter outside my window.  At first I was surprised but then I remembered that in Central Oregon, anything goes really when it comes to weather and it's actually not an April Fools joke by Mother Nature.

My daughter is convinced that it is still Winter even though I have explained that it really is Spring, at least it's not freezing anymore.  That is one thing I tell my clients over and over, it is not so much our planting zone but the unpredictability of our weather that makes it more difficult to garden here in Bend and Central Oregon.

My hardy Rugosa Rose will be fine even though it has been budding out and greening up.  Hardy plants that can take our erratic weather patterns are the best choices for a successful garden as well as plant diversity.

Mother Nature couldn't have chosen a better day to make it snow, but I know that it is still Spring and I'm planning my garden anyways.

Happy Gardening!