Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Projects in Process

Projects in progress!  I love this project, I get to do some different things than the typical Bend landscape and the clients are just wonderful people.  They are beautifully remodeling a home on the river in downtown Bend with mature landscaping that has been well cared for providing a gorgeous backdrop for a new planting design.
One section recently planted by Flower Power gardening is a tiny walled-in courtyard viewed from the master bath and the master bedroom.  The views here are key, the plantings need to look exceptional from two different angles and I do believe we achieved it.  When thinking of tiny walled-in courtyards I always think of Japanese gardens.  They Japanese are unrivaled in their understanding and respect for space and I strive to implement the same philosophy in the gardens I design.
The wall enclosing this courtyard still need to be finished and we are working on designs that will enhance the space.  Once the wall is finished and the windows cleaned I will post more pictures but enjoy what we have so far!

Master Bath View

Master Bedroom View