Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Season is heating up!

It's only January and already this season is getting busy! Winter really is the best time to plan, this way you can get on the schedule of the best contractors and enjoy your new landscape before our short summer is over.

I have been meeting with lots of new clients this week and am working on landscape designs for clients in Christmas Valley, Tetherow and Awbrey Butte, so fun!  I am so excited for all the new and revamped landscapes for this year!

Landscape Designer hard at work:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spring Flowers

Ah this gorgeous spring like weather! My heart and soul are begging me to go outside and dig in the garden but my head reminds me that winter is still here.
These January heat waves are so tough to bear, I love the sun and warmth and seeing the bulbs come up in the spring, and I feel like it is spring now.  But, it is still January and we all know from experience that we will have more snow (hopefully!) and freezing temperatures, so we have to continue waiting patiently till it is time to plant.

But, what will you plant this year?  One of my favorite spring plants is Pulsatilla vulgaris, the Pasque Flower.  It blooms very early here in Central Oregon with beautiful mahogany, purple or white flowers,  The first blooms look to me like baby birds lifting their beaks up to be fed.
After flowering they are a lush low mound of dark feathery green leaves. One of many flowers that do excellent in Central Oregon gardens year after year.