Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ultimate Wood Burning Fire Cooking Grill Table!

I just spent the evening with the High Desert Design Council - HDDC - learning about the products at Patio World off Reed Mkt Road in Bend.  Wow, so many awesome products!
One of my ultimate favorites is the OFYR wood burning grill table.  You have to take a look at how it operates, so cool!
Take a look at the video:

It is beautiful in person and would be a gorgeous addition to anyone's outdoor living area, a one of a kind outdoor cooking experience!

The grill table is made of steel and gets quite hot so cannot be used for your cocktails but can grill up your salmon perfectly!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Projects in Process

Projects in progress!  I love this project, I get to do some different things than the typical Bend landscape and the clients are just wonderful people.  They are beautifully remodeling a home on the river in downtown Bend with mature landscaping that has been well cared for providing a gorgeous backdrop for a new planting design.
One section recently planted by Flower Power gardening is a tiny walled-in courtyard viewed from the master bath and the master bedroom.  The views here are key, the plantings need to look exceptional from two different angles and I do believe we achieved it.  When thinking of tiny walled-in courtyards I always think of Japanese gardens.  They Japanese are unrivaled in their understanding and respect for space and I strive to implement the same philosophy in the gardens I design.
The wall enclosing this courtyard still need to be finished and we are working on designs that will enhance the space.  Once the wall is finished and the windows cleaned I will post more pictures but enjoy what we have so far!

Master Bath View

Master Bedroom View

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hardy Native Clematis Vine

A few years ago I was visiting a consultation client out near Alfalfa on a very hot, dry, exposed site.  She wanted to create a more water-wise, low maintenance and beautiful landscape that was deer resistant and was being challenged by the task.  I came up with some really great ideas for her but as we were walking around the landscape I spotted a vine running twenty plus feet around between some trees and an old structure.  We could not identify it at the time but later I learned it was Western White Clematis.  No wonder clematis do so well in Central Oregon!  What a hardy, tough, beautiful, valuable vine!

Western White Clematis or Clematis lingusticifolia in its habitat.  Quite tough and beautiful!

Looks at these beautiful flowers!  Growing with Sagebrush here.

 Look at these gorgeous seed heads!  So much interest and value for one vine!

It is valuable for bees and attracts birds and hummingbirds.
It is a green deciduous vine growing 12-36' and is noted to like well draining moist soil but I found it growing in an area with minimal moisture, I would say it is adaptable but is healthier and more lush with moisture and certainly needs irrigation to get established.
For more information visit Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
Great news!  Our local native plant resource for Central Oregon, Wintercreek Restoration and Native Nursery currently has this plant in stock.  Did you know you can check their availability online?
Wintercreek Nursery - what a great resource!

I am going to get one or two and plant them growing up the stairs to my rear deck, looking forward to trying it out!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Designing a Landscape with Chickens in Mind

Clients are always giving me interesting projects.  Last year was a backyard upgrade for a couple whose small dogs nibbled everything and so all plants had to be double checked on two lists of plants dangerous to dogs.  And the landscape still turned out fantastic!
This year I get to do a mid-town landscape upgrade for a couple who want chickens.  There is a separate area fenced off from the main yard for the chicken coop and chicken run area and I intend to make this area just as lovely as the rest of the yard.
In my research I came across this great website, Nifty Homestead, they have a great list of plants healthy for chickens in addition to a list of plants that are dangerous to chickens.  Some of the healthy plants listed are:

Most fruit trees

Some of the dangerous plants are:


Another good site is Backyard Chickens.

Photo from Family Food Garden