Saturday, July 15, 2017

Iron Mountain Wildflowers

I hiked Iron Mountain and the wildflowers were going off!!!  The literature says there are over 300 species of flowers on Iron Mountain and I was rubber necking like crazy on the hike.

We drove up road 35 which is now called Civil Road, to the trailhead for Iron Mountain, a shorter hike instead of starting at Tompstone Pass.  Next time we will start from Tombstone so we get to see even more flowers!  Needless to say, I think it took us five times longer to hike it since we stopped so many times to admire and identify the flowers.  I highly recommend this hike, it is one of the best wildflower trails in Oregon!

View of the Three Sisters

Hillside covered in amazing diversity of wildflowers

Lupine and Western Columbine

Lupine in one of many the wildflower meadows

Northern Buckwheat was seen all over the trail

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