Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fun with Fences

Fences are always a little difficult for some, we need them, but don't want them, or don't want to see them.
Some HOA's won't let you put them in, some require them to look a certain way or not exceed a certain height.  As a landscape designer I do my best to abide by the rules (most of the time) and to soften the fence with plants.
This year I have two separate clients needing fences but want them to be interesting and artsy - cool!  I have been having fun looking at different ideas and some of my favorite's I've posted to my Pinterest board Fences/Walls.  I really like the idea of patch working together rusty steel and reclaimed barn wood, or embedding colored glass into the fence like a window.

Here is an idea I saw in Bend a couple of years ago on the West side of Pilot Butte, simple but very effective:

Isn't this a great idea? I love that the fence is different heights and has the wriggly line running down the center of each board.  It probably added much time to the project but is a fence worth looking at.