Monday, March 10, 2014

It sure feels like Spring to me!

The weather was so gorgeous last Friday that I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up my garden and soaking up the warm air. 

Spring is such a gorgeous time of year, full of new hope, flip flops, spring bulbs and new plans.  I love the return of leaves on the trees, warm earth and new plants. 

First Daffodil of Spring
So many catalogs and magazines have inspired me these past few months, my favorite being "The American Gardener" by the American Horticultural Society.  A recent article was about the new plants for 2014.  It's just amazing what the plant breeders can come up with! 
Here are some of my faves that will grow in Central Oregon:
Echinacea purpurea Supreme 'Cantaloupe by Terra Nova Nurseries
'Rose Bells' Pasqueflower by Jelitto Seed

This is a gorgeous re-blooming Daylily from Walters Garden, 'Midnight Raider'
Coreopsis always do well in Central Oregon, and this one has a great yellow and red color,
this is 'Bengal Tiger' from Terra Nova Nurseries

I am planning on growing carrots this year and there is a great new selection from Johhnys Selected Seeds called the 'Adelaide' carrot.  It matures in about 55 days and is a baby carrot at 3-4 inches long at maturity, perfect for my daughter!

Happy Gardening!