Friday, July 24, 2009

Master Gardners 2009 Garden Tour

I almost missed this years garden tour since I don't read the paper or watch TV and didn't see any of the notices. Why didn't they put big posters up in the nurseries? That's about the only place I go on a regular basis these days it seems.

I was on my way to hike with my father when I saw the tell tale sign of an open garden. Thank God for round-a-bouts because I turned right around. Shevlin Park just had to wait for me to hike another day.

Looking at gardens is one of my favorite past times and everytime I go to Portland (garden city USA it seems) it is just dangerous for me to drive. Even though my husband thinks driving on a street is akin to racing on a raceway, I put up with it so I can "ooh" and "ahh" at all the plants and gardens.

Here's some shots from the day. Super highlight was Alana Markle's own garden (she's a local landscape designer too). She and her husband buy old homes, totally renovate them, sell them and move on. And this one is for sale too, man is it lovely. It's up at NW Trenton and 7th, just beautiful. This was the first time she's had her own garden finished enough to put on the tour and it's made me wonder why the Master Gardeners don't include more designer's gardens, or client's gardens. Is it because they are supposed to be regular people's gardens? I think that should change.

Anyway, here are the shots:

This next one is a birdcage with real live birds in it. At least the birds got to be outside.

Yeah! More edibles!

The "Potting Shed"

Every garden worth it's weight in compost should have a Rugosa Rose

I had never thought of filling in the space under a bench this way before, but I like it

One day I'll have my own garden on the tour, but for that to happen I have to find the time for it. In the meantime I'll make other people's gardens spectacular.



  1. thanks for the pictures. I don't often get out to these kind of tours in the summer because I am usually working on or hosting "tour" homes during these events. I miss lots of ideas so thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the bench as well. It's the illusion of soft and delicate, holding up solid wood. It's wonderful to see space used in a new, surprising way. Thanks for taking the photo and pointing this out. I am going to remember this image as well.

  3. Hi Tonya! Great blog! I will be following it.