Monday, April 16, 2012

Queen of Denmark Rose

Happy Birthday to her royal majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark born in 1940.  To honor her birthday Daves Garden website choose the old garden rose 'Queen of Denmark' as their plant of the week.  Here is what they say about this lovely rose:

April 16, is the birthday of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Born this day in 1940, she was crowned queen upon her father's death in 1972. This made her the first female ruler of the country since Margrethe l, who ruled from 1375–1412. The lovely old garden rose 'Queen of Denmark' honors both of them and is a favorite rose among gardeners. While it only blooms once, in late spring, the beautiful, fragrant flowers are captivating. The soft pink blossoms are quartered rosettes and are very full, having up to 100 petals. Plant in full sun and give it room to grow, as the shrub can get quite large. The plants are disease resistant and hardy and it is considered a good 'beginner' rose."

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