Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Carlseng Designs Happy Clients

A huge part of any designer's job is to figure out what makes the client tick, their likes and dislikes, what their sense of style really is (not always what they say).  Then we have to make that work within budget, architectural or environmental constraints.

The first thing I do when I meet a new client is to listen.  I listen to them talk about why they live here, how they enjoy being outside, how they relate to their yard, what plants remind them of their childhood, what colors or fragrance bring them joy.

It is difficult to get it 100% right on every time but I have gotten really good at just about nailing it most of the time.  I just received this email from a client I am working with down in Christmas Valley and wanted to share.  Spreading landscape love one client at a time.

"I want to tell you I absolutely LOVE it I can not tell you how amazed I was when I opened it (the pdf of the design). I love how you incorporated the gravel area by the pump house I think that is going to look so good and not just be one dust bowl left out in the middle. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving it and how amazing you did and interpreting what I wanted and putting it on paper. I was absolutely amazed."

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