Thursday, July 30, 2015

Xeriscape Backyard Makeover

So many of my clients here in Bend Oregon are looking for a low water, low maintenance, fire safe landscape and deer resistant as well.  It is often a challenge to make all of that work but here is a wonderful example of just how good it can look.

Before any work was done, the backyard was largely untouched and full of flammable Manzanita bushes.

Plus, without anything to distract the eye, the view of the neighbor's house was all too apparent.

Since this client, like so many of us in Bend, likes to spend her time out playing, it needed to be a low maintenance landscape and attractive as well.

I came up with a palette of plants to provide seasonal interest that was deer resistant, low water and good for beneficial pollinators that invites the client into the landscape.

What a fun project and gorgeous results!!!  By choosing a few key plants and repeating them throughout the landscape, unity within the yard was obtained.  Dwarf evergreen elements were also incorporated in addition to the native Chokecherry Tree that provides interest and habitat for the bird population.

Besides a good landscape design, having an excellent contractor install it is crucial.  Anna Vacca of Anna's Gardening installed this garden and knows exactly how to make plants happy.

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