Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time for Bulb Planting

I am always scouring the shelves of the local nurseries looking for bulbs at the end of Fall so I was thrilled when I was in Costco and got a huge bag of 90 daffodil bulbs, wow!

Yes, Costco is not a local nursery but they do have good quality bulbs.  Remember that the deer resistant bulbs like daffodils, narcissus, iris, grape hyacinth, etc always sell out fast.  Tulips are deer candy!!!

The key for healthy bulbs and a a good looking planting is to always plant more than you think you should.  Bulbs can also rot so make sure you have amended well draining soil.

I like to layer my bulbs so I have grape hyacinth or siberian squill coming up among the daffodils.

Plant away and look forward to spring!

1 comment:

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