Thursday, October 29, 2009

Affordable Modern Designs for Outdoor Living

The High Desert Design Council is always posting great looking design ideas which I find so inspiring.  I recently found some great ideas of my own in the last two issues of Garden Design.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these prices were very affordable, something I don't usually find in this magazine.  These are also items I would consider using myself and recommend to clients. I particularly like the lantern since my husband and I are in love with Danish lighting designs, our favorite being the PH5 by Poul Henningsen.  When we were in Denmark in 2007, we looked into getting a used one, but even a used one was very expensive.  But somehow, most Danes had them in their homes.  Priorities, priorities I guess.

Soji Solar White Modern Lantern
Find it at Sprout Home

The Autumn Leaf Swing by designer Veronica Martinez
Also seen in a bronze.  Find it at Urban Garden Deco Guide


  1. Ooh, LOVE the leaf swing!

  2. Love these lights...

    Saw them in person at Living in the Garden (my favorite garden shop) in Eastern Washington.