Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Splendor in the neighborhood

I just love the colors of fall.  Funny though, I don't really do these colors in any flower beds, I just love this last splash of hot color before winter sets in. It's like Mother Nature knows we need a little love and gives it to us in red, orange and yellow.

These are images I've been enjoying in my neighborhood.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Mountain Ash Tree - can't be beat for color

Some Mountain Ash wait to show their colors, but that means their red berries stand out more.

A young Serviceberry Tree, planted in 2007, another of my favorite trees.

Pin Oak in a front yard.  Imagine the view this people have out their windows!

Columbia Park.

The ubiquitous Burning Bush.

Sidewalk color.

Swedish Aspen.  Last year these were more orange in color.

Quaking Aspen.

Maple Trees.

A stand of Quaking Aspens.

Red Twig Dogwoods.


Crabapple Tree.

Other lovely plants not here but worth mentioning is the Rugosa Rose, incredible fragrance during bloom and if you stop dead-heading at the end of summer, you will have beautiful orange hips on the bush.  The Spirea's and Viburnum's also have good fall color.

Remember that most nurseries are having sales right now and it's still a good time to plant.  Cascade Garden Center on Powers between 3rd and the Parkway is having 50% off (!!!) and The High Desert Tree Farm on the highway between Bend and Redmond is having a sale too.  And finally, Aspen Ridge Tree Farm on Helmholtz just southwest of Redmond always has great prices.

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  1. Love these pictures -- there's nothing better than fall leaves, unless you count watching everything come up again in the spring!