Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Follow-Up

During the heat wave back in January (though it happens every year, this year was a doozy) I got to help a client increase their curb appeal for a house they were putting on the market.  I got in on the property the day after he called me, got it all weeded, trimmed, blown and bark mulched and it made a fantastic difference as to how prospective buyers will now view the property.

Since I didn't know how long the house might be on the market, I follow-up with an email as to how to maintain the impeccable look of the landscape and some things to do once spring arrives.

This is something I always do, follow up with a client and so this was no different for me.  The client though was very appreciative of the feed back and had this to say:

"I must say I've never seen this type of follow up from pretty much anyone! That is very helpful."

Exceeding expectations and giving people excellent service (plus a fantastic looking landscape) is just all in a day's work for me because I am invested in each project and am passionate about what I do.  

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