Friday, March 25, 2011

It's that time of year for . . . patience

I was out on Monday doing a little yard clean up for a client and I do believe it was the first of more very nice, not too cold Spring days.

The crocus and snowdrops are up, the daffodils and hyacinth are beginning to poke their heads through the soil, and the hellebores are coming along as well.  I must say that I think Spring is here.

I do love Spring, all the promise of a new season, warmer weather, going outside without putting on layers of clothing and getting to play in the garden again.

But before we get too excited . . . . . wait.

We will get more freezing weather and storms and our planting season doesn't officially begin until Memorial Day weekend.  Most of us (me included) have gotten excited and planted things too early that got bit by a freeze and was lost.

What you can do is clean up.  Prune out any broken or damaged tree limbs. Trim down those ornamental grasses and perennials from last year.  Rake up your pine needles and add a hefty dose of compost to all your planting beds. Plan how you want your yard and/or garden to be like this year if you haven't already.

Soon you can also plant trees, shrubs and hardy perennials since the soil is no longer frozen.  When planting, build up a water well to hold the water in around them.  And, remember to water them regularly by hose until your irrigation system is turned on.

Speaking of irrigation, I highly recommend Miller Irrigation if you don't already have a company you are happy with.  I know Scott Miller and his family and they are knowledgeable good hard workers.  You can get a hold of them at 541-388-0190 to help you get your system turned on and tuned up.

Happy Spring!

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