Friday, January 25, 2013

Small Greenhouses

This lovely "Junuary" heatwave has had me itching to get out into the garden, but I know, it is still January all I can do is think and plan.  So, I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning and one thing I am planning to do in my garden this spring is to redesign my little greenhouse. 
My greenhouse is a little 4x8 foot affair with a wooden frame covered in landscape plastic.  It does great for the tomatoes, basil, and  lemongrass I grow in there. My plan is to raise the height on one side to create a roof angle to catch more sunlight and to shed the rain better (I've only got a very small angle now).  Not a very impressive greenhouse at the moment, but in my dreams I will have one like this:

Here are some other styles:

My husband has built some greenhouses like this one, attached to the home, sometimes doubling as a sun room.

Another one like my husband has built for clients.

This one looks awesome!

This is a traditional conservatory or sunroom, usually found attached or built onto British homes.

Now this is a very modern conservatory, more of a glass room than a conservatory.

Here are some of the traditional styles of conservatories.

I would love a conservatory or sunroom attached to my house for these long Oregon winters! 

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