Monday, September 23, 2013

Landscape Design Projects 2013

Since I have posted since forever, you must all be wondering what have I been up to?  Quite a lot it seems.  Below are some of the projects I have been doing this year, enjoy!

Water Feature, NE Bend

The backyard was more or less a rock shelf covered in Juniper trees and shrubs which the owners had removed but were at a loss as to how to make their backyard into the beautiful and bird friendly paradise they wanted. 

See all those rocks?  I brought in about 12 yards of garden mix soil amendment plus 3/8" gravel fines to make paths as a first step.  That gave me a few inches of good soil for planting (no joke!  the owner rented a jackhammer to plant some of the shrubs and small trees!).

Next step was to build a water feature.  I love boulders and the challenge of designing with water. I received such great help from Ewing's in NE Bend, thanks Molly!

We were able to dig about six inches down for the basin, the rest I had to build up.

That pond liner material is so cool!  I have some left over and wondering what kind of Halloween costume I could make out of it...

The structure is coming along, quite a puzzle getting all those Oregon Mossy Rocks to fit together.

Wow, the water feature is finished and it is gorgeous!!!  I look forward to getting it planted and filling in around it.

The soothing sound of water...

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