Thursday, September 25, 2014

Backyard Transformation

It seems I am always blessed with wonderful clients and on my latest project I worked with truly great people who really wanted to transform their backyard.  These folks living in the Higher Ground Community of Bend, Oregon have a great artistic and creative side to them and they really allowed me to do something different and fantastic, and the results are spectacular!

Here is the before photo:

Pretty bad right?  The back yard had been neglected for years and was mostly an eyesore but the clients and I knew we could transform it into a place they longed to be and could be an extension of their house.

What we did create completely transformed the backyard into a destination, a sanctuary, an extra room, a place of peace and joy and wonderfulness!

Check it out!

We completely eliminated the squareness of the space creating an oasis for dining, reading, relaxing and entertaining!  And best of all, the clients are happy beyond their expectations.  :)

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