Sunday, September 7, 2014

Evergreens for an entry

One of my clients has a large property out by the Bend airport with a very large lawn leading up to the house.  We want to mark the entry path in an obvious and welcoming way and I am considering planting two evergreen trees as "sentries".  I was going to use two Crabapple Trees but since our winters are so long I think evergreens would be a better choice.

Here are my choices so far:

Korean Silberlocke Fir

The Korean Silberlocke Fir has up curved green needles with contrasting silver/white undersides and produces an abundance of large showy cones.  It is slow growing to 10' tall and 6' wide in 10 years, ultimately 20' tall.   This selection is about 5-7' tall and can be found at Schultz Farm and Garden between Bend and Redmond.

Green Columnar Spiral Juniper Tree

Junipers are very hardy in Central Oregon (they are considered weeds by many) but can be very useful when trained right.  A spiral trained Juniper is stunning and adds shape and style to the landscape but does require light pruning throughout the year to maintain a nice shape.  

Here is another version this time of a Skyrocket Juniper which has a more grey/green/blue color than the one shown above.

'Acrocona' Spruce

Acrocona Spruce is a lovely evergreen with purple cones and is a medium irregular grower to about 4-10 feet tall and 10-12 feet wide and does best in full sun. Another great option for a small space.

Which do you like the best?  I am veering towards the Silberlocke because I like it so much!

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